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Gary O’Donoghue is a journalist and correspondent for BBC News.

18 marzo, 2023
Gary O’Donoghue is a well-known journalist and correspondent for BBC News. With over two decades of experience in the field of journalism, he has been covering major national and international events for the BBC.


Career with BBC

O’Donoghue started his career with the BBC in 1993 and has held various roles since then. He has been a political correspondent at Westminster, a correspondent for European affairs, and a correspondent in Washington. In each of these roles, O’Donoghue has covered important events that have shaped the political landscape of the world.

Reporting on US Presidential Elections

In 2016, O’Donoghue reported on the US presidential elections. This was one of the most divisive elections in American history, with Donald Trump running against Hillary Clinton. O’Donoghue provided detailed analysis of the campaigns and the issues that dominated the election, such as immigration and trade policy. He covered the election night in New York, providing live updates as the results came in.

Brexit Coverage

O’Donoghue’s coverage of Brexit was comprehensive and insightful. He provided regular updates on the negotiations between the UK and the EU, the impact of Brexit on the economy, and the political fallout from the decision to leave the EU. O’Donoghue also reported on the key players in the Brexit process, including the Prime Ministers, Theresa May and Boris Johnson, as well as other important figures, such as Nigel Farage and Michel Barnier.

Coverage of UK General Elections

O’Donoghue has covered several UK general elections during his career with the BBC. He has provided expert analysis of the election campaigns and has interviewed key figures from all the major parties. O’Donoghue’s reporting has been particularly insightful in explaining the complex issues that often dominate UK election campaigns, such as the NHS, education, and immigration.

Interviewing Political Figures

O’Donoghue has interviewed several important political figures during his career. In 2019, he interviewed US President Joe Biden, when he was still the Democratic nominee for President. The interview covered several topics, including Biden’s plans for the US economy, foreign policy, and his views on President Trump. O’Donoghue has also interviewed former British Prime Minister Tony Blair on several occasions, providing insight into Blair’s time in office and his views on current political issues.

Gary O’Donoghue is a veteran BBC journalist with a wealth of experience in reporting on political news and international events. He has covered some of the most significant events in recent history, including the US presidential elections, Brexit, and UK general elections. O’Donoghue’s reporting is always insightful and provides valuable analysis of the complex issues that shape the political landscape. As a respected and trusted journalist, O’Donoghue’s reporting is highly regarded both within the BBC and by audiences around the world.

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