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How the west was won 1962. Cast

19 marzo, 2023

“How the West Was Won” is a classic American Western film that was released in 1962. The movie featured an all-star cast of some of the biggest actors and actresses of the time. Here are the main actors and actresses in the cast:

  1. James Stewart as Linus Rawlings
  2. John Wayne as William ‘Jethro’ Stuart
  3. Gregory Peck as Cleve Van Valen
  4. Henry Fonda as J.D. ‘Zeb’ Rawlings
  5. Debbie Reynolds as Lilith Prescott
  6. Richard Widmark as Mike King
  7. Carroll Baker as Eve Prescott Rawlings
  8. Lee J. Cobb as Marshal Lou Ramsey
  9. George Peppard as Zeb Rawlings, Jr.
  10. Robert Preston as Roger Morgan
  11. Karl Malden as Zebulon Prescott

The film was directed by three different directors, John Ford, Henry Hathaway, and George Marshall, and features five different segments that tell the story of the westward expansion of the United States.

Foto: IMDb