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AMLO supporters burn minister’s figure. First lady outraged.

20 marzo, 2023

A statue of the Mexican Supreme Court Minister Norma Piña was burned by supporters of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in a recent protest.

Following the incident, Beatriz Muller, the wife of President Lopez Obrador, expressed solidarity with Minister Piña and all women in politics who have been subjected to similar attacks:

Muller stated that she had also experienced similar attacks in the past and that it was important to “raise the level” and promote non-violence and love:

She called on her fellow citizens to refrain from turning their freedom into license and to strive for a pluralistic and democratic society.

Other political figures, including members of the Senate, also spoke out against the attack on Piña and condemned violence against women in politics.

The burning of the statue has also raised concerns about the state of democracy and freedom of expression in Mexico, particularly in light of recent attacks on womans, journalists and human rights defenders.