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Rebellion on Reddit after deletion of chats and new limits

17 julio, 2023

Reddit is a popular social media platform that has caused controversy by deleting millions of chats and posts prior to 2023.

2. This change is part of Reddit’s transition to a new chat architecture, but it was made without notice to users, which generated discontent in the community.

3. Reddit’s justification for this radical move is to achieve a smoother and faster transition to the new chat architecture.

4. However, many users were affected to discover that their message logs had disappeared and they were unable to back up their chat histories.

5. Although the messages were deleted, there is a possibility to recover them through requesting account details from Reddit via an online form.

6. Reddit has also implemented new policies that are considered harmful to third-party applications, which led to a multi-day outage on various subreddits as a form of protest.

7. In addition, Reddit plans to eliminate its current coin system, used to recognize outstanding contributors, and replace it with a simpler, more straightforward system.

8. These changes may seem drastic, but they are necessary for Reddit to continue to evolve and stay relevant in the digital platform landscape.

9. However, it is important that these changes are implemented with the user community and their feedback in mind, as they are the ones who give life and essence to these platforms.

10. This episode on Reddit is a reminder that digital platforms must adapt and change continuously, but always maintaining a balance between innovation and the needs of its users.