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Salwan Momika was attacked in in Södertälje.

Salwan Momika being atacked today

On Monday afternoon, Salwan Momika, behind the recently Quran burning, was attacked in Södertälje. An individual wearing boxing gloves approached him. Despite Momika’s attempts to avoid the conflict and repeated pleas to stay away, the attacker persisted in hitting and physically assaulting him, as recounted in an email to Aftonbladet.

Salwan Momika being atacked today
Salwan Momika was attacked today

A person with boxing gloves approached, sparking a verbal exchange. Videos of the incident are circulating on TikTok. In the video, the glove-wearing man spoke to Momika in Arabic, inviting him to “play,” even as Momika repeatedly tried to prevent the confrontation.

Momika was confronted by the boxing-gloved man, who disregarded Momika’s pleas to keep his distance. The attacker kept striking until Momika found a chance to defend himself, at which point the assailant backed off. In an email to Aftonbladet, Momika shared the incident and its aftermath: “Today, I was at Södertälje Center, where I was attacked and hit by a Muslim individual who also threatened to kill me. Now I’m in the hospital with injuries to my eye and head. Despite my efforts to avoid the conflict and repeatedly asking him to stay away, he insisted on carrying out the assault.”

From Aftonfladet who interview to Momika vía email