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Tens of thousands march in Mexico City for International Women’s Day

The march exceeded the attendance of 2020 where 80 thousand people participated

According to official reports, 90,000 people participated in the march to commemorate International Women’s Day in a diverse mobilization that managed to reach the National Palace, which was surrounded by metal fences:

On International Women’s Day in 2023, one of the largest mobilizations that focused on protests against femicides and sexual violence against the largest sector of the population in Mexico, which is 52%, was registered.

The Purple Wave left very early from the Monument to the Revolution and the Angel of Independence. Registering small altercations upon arrival at the National Palace that was protected by metal fences due to the fear of the president of Mexico for the protest:

Womans try to tear down the wall of shame in the National Palace against #8DeMarzo

At the end of the march, several outraged women tried to tear down the metal fences after the justification of the President of Mexico considering that the march had been organized by the right:

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“They are very violent. The right has always been very authoritarian and very violent. And they are also specialists in throwing stones and hiding their hands…” – President Andrés Manuel López Obrador

In Mexico, 10 women die every day from gender violence.

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With information and images from El Universal and Animal Político