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Brazil Prohibits Meta from Using Local Data to Train AI

July 3, 2024
Brazil Prohibits Meta from Using Local Data to Train AI

The National Data Protection Authority (ANPD) of Brazil has prohibited Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, from using personal data of Brazilian users to train its artificial intelligence (AI) systems. This decision came after Meta updated its privacy policies in a non-transparent manner, raising alarms among authorities.

Importance of AI regulation

The measure responds to concerns about user privacy and security. The ANPD argues that Meta’s policy changes were not adequately communicated and that using personal data to train AI could pose significant risks, especially for minors. With 102 million active users in Brazil, the implications of this decision are vast. Data protection is crucial in a world where personal information is constantly used to enhance technologies, and this case underscores the importance of transparency and informed consent.

Transparency and user rights protection should be priorities

Brazil’s action against Meta highlights the growing global concern over how big tech companies handle personal data. This case might encourage other countries to implement similar measures to protect their citizens. Transparency and user rights protection should be priorities in the development of advanced technologies.

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