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Carlos Slim and Carmen Aristegui were spied on with Pegasus

5 diciembre, 2023
Shocking revelations emerged from KBH Applied Technologies Group as witness “Zeus” testified in the trial against Juan Carlos “GR,” accused of operating the Pegasus spyware for KBH. Targets included prominent figures like Carlos Slim, Germán Larrea, and journalists such as Carmen Aristegui. The witness implicated high-profile individuals, including ex-President Enrique Peña Nieto.

During the trial, “Zeus” detailed KBH’s use of Pegasus for spying, pointing to Juan Carlos “GR” as the operator and implicating KBH owner Uri Ansbacher Bendrama. Allegations extended to figures like Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong and Eugenio Imaz Gispert. The witness revealed a database containing 1,500 records with phone numbers, call logs, locations, photos, and recordings of those targeted.


Witness Testimony

“Zeus” worked for KBH between 2013-2015, receiving USBs with Pegasus data, linking KBH to the Israeli NSO Group. The witness disclosed that orders to spy came from Peña Nieto, referred to as “El Patrón.” “GR” was accused of spying on Carmen Aristegui. The witness, fearing discovery, hid USBs with Pegasus data.

KBH Corporate Network

KBH, led by Ansbacher, sold Pegasus to the Mexican government during Peña Nieto’s tenure. “Zeus” claimed KBH acted on orders from Peña Nieto, Osorio, and Imaz, bypassing judicial approvals. “GR” served as Pegasus’ main operator, coordinating sales to entities like CISEN, Sedena, and the former PGR.

The trial exposes a web of corporate espionage implicating high-ranking officials. As this scandal unfolds, demand transparency, accountability, and justice. Support efforts to uncover the truth and safeguard privacy rights.