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EXTRA: Renuncia el Embajador de Estados Unidos en México Carlos Pascual

Carlos Pascual ha presentado su renuncia como embajador de Estados Unidos en México, anunció esta noche la secretaria de Estado Hillary Clinton a través del sitio web de la dependencia:

Carlos ha transmitido su decisión de regresar a Washington con base en su deseo personal de asegurar la fuerte relación entre México y Estados Unidos y evitar cuestiones planteadas por el presidente Calderón, que podrían distraer la atención de los asuntos importantes para la mejora de nuestros intereses bilaterales

El Presidente y yo estamos especialmente agradecidos a Carlos por sus esfuerzos para cuidar el espíritu y la seguridad del personal estadunidense después de los trágicos tiroteos en México que mataron a cuatro personas de nuestra extensa familia en el año reciente


— Clinton

Transcripción en inglés del documento:

It is with great regret that I announce that Ambassador Pascual has asked President Obama and me to accept his resignation as our ambassador to Mexico

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For the past year and a half, Ambassador Pascual has been an architect and advocate for the U.S.-Mexico relationship, effectively advancing the policies of the United States on behalf of the President and this Administration. He has collaborated tirelessly with his Mexican counterparts to lay the foundation for a cross-border renewable energy market, to open negotiations on the management of oil and gas reserves that span U.S. and Mexican territory, and to build a new border strategy to advance trade while staunching illicit flows. Carlos has also engaged U.S. and Mexican business to build markets that have helped make Mexico the number two destination of U.S. exports.

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Ambassador Pascual worked with the Mexican government to integrate human rights into our respective policies and engagement; he also partnered to enhance the human and cultural connections that underpin the friendship between the people of Mexico and the United States. Carlos partnered with his counterparts to reach beyond the Merida Initiative’s initial focus on disrupting cartels to building institutions for the rule of law in Mexico and engaging Mexican civil society in advancing their security. These ties, grown and strengthened throughout his tenure, will serve both our nations for decades.

Within the U.S. Government, Carlos embraced a “whole of government” approach to addressing one of our most important bilateral relationships, winning the respect and cooperation of our foreign service, military and law enforcement agencies. The President and I are particularly grateful to Carlos for his efforts to sustain the morale and security of American personnel after tragic shootings in Mexico that killed four people from our extended family in the past year.

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Carlos has relayed his decision to return to Washington based upon his personal desire to ensure the strong relationship between our two countries and to avert issues raised by President Calderon that could distract from the important business of advancing our bilateral interests. It is with great reluctance that President Obama and I have acceded to Carlos’s request. Prior to returning to assuming his new responsibilities at the State Department, the President and I have asked Carlos to stay in Mexico to help us organize an orderly transition.