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how many hours left for the submarine today June 22, 2023

June 21, 2023

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how many hours does the submarine have left – en

1 how many hours is left for the submarine1.1 Rescuers estimate that the missing Titanic Tour underwater station has 40 hours…1.2 Titanic Tourist Underwater Program Live News The search continues…1.3 Titanic Submarine Why Rescuers Are Working Hard…1.4 The missing Titanic tourist submarine may have only 70 …1.5 Titanic Tourist Submarine Live Updates Searching…1.6 Missing Titanic […]

Missing Titanic submersible has only 41 hours of oxygen left: Coast Guard

The missing Titanic-bound tourist submarine carrying five passengers has about 41 hours of breathable oxygen left.

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When did the signal from the Ocean Gate submarine go missing and how many hours of oxygen do they have? – AS USA

The Titan, which disappeared on Sunday while attempting to see the wreckage of the Titanic, has a maximum of 24 hours of oxygen left to consume.

Titanic submarine has ‘less than 20 hours oxygen left’ and clock has ‘pretty much run out’ – Birmingham Live

Rear Admiral John Mauger said that based on information that the operator had initially provided, the sub had approximately 96 hours of oxygen

Missing Titanic submarine has less than 40 hours of air left, U.S. says – CBS News

The sub went missing​ while carrying five people to the wreckage of the Titanic​.

Missing Titanic submarine latest update: Rescue hopes for submersible hinge on new ‘banging’ sounds as 12 hours left | The Independent

Missing submarine update

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