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What Are The Types Of Free WNBA Picks?

July 7, 2023

WNBA picks are becoming more and more popular as the amount of games and teams in the league increase. Contrary to what online trolls may tell you in the page comments area, the WNBA is expanding gradually but steadily. Bettors who gamble on this league frequently discover tremendous value thanks to under-the-radar betting markets, which the free WNBA picks may assist provide all season long. These free expert or handicapper choices for the WNBA are against the spread predictions. Here, we’ll look at the several kinds of free WNBA selections that might help gamblers make better choices.

Moneyline picks

In WNBA moneyline picks, things are much more straightforward, as the goal for bettors is to predict which team will win each game. Naturally, that is easier said than done because anything may occur on the floor in any league, even the WNBA. But while betting on the moneyline, gamblers do not have to consider any point spread values, which makes it a well-liked wager.

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With this type of bet, bettors evaluate several key factors that could fly under the radar in a league where less reporting is available than in college basketball and the NBA. Finding value in the moneyline market on either side of each game may be done by digging deeper for injury news and keeping in mind that travel worries are considerably more common with commercial travel.

Over/under picks

WNBA bettors are asked to predict how many goals will be scored in each game while placing wagers on the over/under. Sportsbook will set a point total for each matchup throughout the season on several factors, with bettors responsible for the free WNBA picks whether they think the combined score from both teams will go over or under that amount.


In the WNBA, the outcome of the over/under can frequently depend on the speed at which each team runs its offence and the shooting prowess of each group. However, gamblers should also consider each team’s schedule because fatigued players may result in lesser scoring, while teams with more rest may be more productive when in control of the ball.

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Point spread picks

One of the most popular WNBA pick categories is point spread picks. Predicting the point difference between two teams in a game is a component of free WNBA picks against the spread. To level the playing field and create a more equal betting market, the point spread is created. The teams who are anticipated to cover the spread are suggested by point spread picks. For instance, if Team A is a 6-point favourite, you can propose a wager on Team A to win by more than 6 points.

Parlay picks

Parlay choices require mixing many separate picks into one. A payment with individual bets is given to the bettor if every selection in the parlay is correct. A parlay pick gets made when gamblers choose their options for numerous free WNBA picks with games. The games to include in a parlay bet get suggested by free parlay options. Due to the necessity that all selections be accurate, parlay bets are riskier than straight bets, but they can result in substantial returns for gamblers who are up for the task.

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WNBA totals picks

The final picks type you can often see when betting on WNBA games is a total picks, a total picks on the combined score of both teams at the end of the game. Total  free WNBA picks are great for games when you do not have a solid feeling about either team’s chances of winning. You must choose whether the combined point total of the two teams will be greater (over) or lower (under) than the total given by the sportsbook instead of selecting a winner. It doesn’t matter who wins.