¿What’s OPEN in Playa Del Carmen During Covid-19?: Janet Newenham

If you are looking for how Playa del Carmen is in the middle of the pandemic,

share this video of Janet that explains very well the state of the city so you can visit us

“I wanted to make a quick video to show potential visitors to Playa Del Carmen what is open and what isn’t and what the general vibe is in this part of Mexico. Masks are still required in all public places, the beach is now open and most restaurants are open too. There is a lot of construction going on and its still very quiet in the main tourist areas. It gets a little busier at night time, with live music in some restaurants. You must order some sort of food to get alcohol, but there’s no minimum spend or anything like that. Hope this video helps you get an insight into what Playa Del Carmen is like during Covid.” – Janet Newenham


Autor: LQSTV

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