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Bitcoin Halving Countdown | Hong Kong ETF Approval

17 abril, 2024

1. Bitcoin Halving Countdown

The countdown is on! Bitcoin’s halving event is set for April 19th at 15:13 UTC, just 3 days away.

2. Hong Kong ETF Approval

Hong Kong regulators have given initial approval to BTC and ETH spot ETFs. Harvest Global and Bosera International are among the approved providers.

3. Bitcoin ETF Outflows

Last week, Bitcoin ETFs saw net outflows of $82.5 million.

4. Digital Asset Liquidations

Digital asset markets recorded over $1.5 billion in long liquidations.

5. Chainlink’s New App – Transporter

Chainlink introduces its new application, Transporter.

6. Yearn Finance Protocol Update

Andre Cronje, the creator of Yearn Finance, announces a framework for launching memecoins, promoting a safer environment.

7. ARB Unlocking

ARB will unlock $94.87 million on April 16, 2024.

Source: E Toro